Travel Safety is the most important factor when booking your trip and you don’t sacrifice safety when choose private over commercial. In fact, business aircraft have compiled an outstanding safety record in recent years, comparable to or better than that of the airlines. Moreover, the level of control afforded to those choosing private aviation often increases the traveler’s sense of safety. And private jets obviously offer much greater security in terms of the protection of sensitive business information. Private Jets VIP enhances the inherent safety of private aviation with its own high level of security standards as it regards to both the equipment and its operators.

Aircraft Certifications:

  • All aircraft selected by Private Jets VIP is owned or managed by FAA Part 135 certified suppliers “Operators”. For a jet to be included in Private Jets VIP’s
  • “Preferred” list and selected for our VIP clients:Pilot – Safety
  • The aircraft must be under full operational control of a Private Jets VIP-certified operator
  • The aircraft must meet the profile and model type of those in the Private Jets VIP program
  • The Owner must carry appropriate level of insurance and up-to-date documentation
  • The aircraft must have current ARG/US-certified Pilot-in-Command and Second-in-Command certificates
  • Operator Certification

Prospective providers for Private Jets VIP undergo comprehensive examinations of both their operations and management. In order to be a certified Private Jets VIP aircraft provider, every operator must complete a series of checks.

Required Aviation Safety Standards:

  • Meet the required safety standards of Aviation Research Group U.S. (ARG/US), and always maintain at least a Gold rating*
  • Have current and up-to-date official regulatory documentation
  • Have proper insurance commitments and documentation
  • Execute and adhere to a “Private Jets VIP Provider Agreement”
  • Provide detailed pilot and crew information on an ongoing basis
  • Uphold continual maintenance and compliance with all Private Jets VIP criteria
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